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Clinical Laboratory Scientist Training Program


The Clinical Laboratory Scientist Training Program lasts 12 months with clinical rotation in the following areas:

  • Bacteriology - 8 weeks
  • Clinical Chemistry - 7 weeks
  • Hematology - 8 weeks
  • Immunology - 3 weeks
  • Immunohematology - 7 weeks
  • Molecular Biology - 2 weeks
  • Mycobacteriology - 2 weeks
  • Parasitology - 3 weeks
  • Phlebotomy - 2 weeks
  • Serology - 2 weeks
  • Urinalysis - 4 weeks
  • Reviews - 4 weeks

In addition to practical training, the students attend didactic lectures. Training is full-time during the day shift, Monday through Friday.


The clinical laboratory faculty consists of pathologists, PhDs, departmental supervisors and licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists.

Admission Requirements

  • 1. The applicant must possess a baccalaureate degree and have maintained a 2.8
    grade point average.
  • 2. The applicant must have met the requirements for a California Trainee License to include but not limited to: a. Sixteen (16) semester hours or equivalent of chemistry to include quantitative analysis (3), inorganic (8), organic and biological chemistry. b. Eighteen (18) semester hours or equivalent of biology to include general biological sciences (8), immunology, hematology, and medical microbiology to include bacteriology (4), mycology, virology and parasitology. c. Three (3) semester hours or equivalent of physics to include light and electricity. d. A course in genetics and/or molecular biology and statistics.
  • 3. Submit three letters of recommendation: two from instructors and one from an employer.
  • 4. Qualified applicants will be notified for an interview.

Applicants apply to the training program by completing and mailing the downloadable application and recommendation letters to the return address located on the forms. Upon completion of training, students will take the national licensure examination.

Program Availability/Offering

Generally, the training program is offered yearly, depending on available funding. Applications are accepted all year round. We accept two students annually.

Stipend and Benefits

A monthly stipend is paid during the training year. The Hospital offers medical, dental, and life insurance at a minimum cost. Students are allowed 10 days of sick/vacation paid-time-off during the 12 training months. Textbooks are also provided.


Student does not pay tuition.

Children’s Hospital Central California is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Stephen H. Kassel, MD, Director of Laboratories

For more information please contact:

Serena O'Rourke

Education Coordinator

Phone: (559) 353-5851