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Help Give A Voice to the Voiceless

Child Abuse Prevention Month April 2010


Our children are our most precious resource and they need our support to thrive and grow into healthy, productive adults. As we recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Children’s Hospital Central California remains committed to protecting children from abuse and neglect and providing suspected child abuse victims the best pediatric care.

Blue Ribbon MonthChildren’s has joined forces with the Guilds of Children’s Hospital and the community to end child abuse. More than 60 years ago, a group of dedicated women spearheaded a movement to serve sick and injured children in the Central Valley. Today, Children’s is the sixth largest hospital of its kind in the country. Just as those enthusiastic ambassadors inspired the community to achieve the impossible, our 15 Guilds of Children’s Hospital have taken on another major hurdle -- to ensure every child grows up in a safe environment, free from sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

As part of The Campaign for Children’s, the Guilds pledged $5 million for The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment. The endowment will provide long-term support for The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center. The center operates a medical clinic and Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect team, and does community outreach and education.

These services are greatly needed. In the United States, more than 3Girl looking out window million children are reported abused or neglected every year. In the 10-county area that the Hospital serves, 54,000 children were referred to Child Protective Services in 2008 – 11,396 of these referrals were confirmed as abuse. At Children’s, up to 5 percent of our inpatient population come through the doors because of suspected abuse or neglect, the majority under age 5. About one-third of the cases under age 1 are non-accidental injury. The endowment will help provide these children the critical care they need.

Please join Children’s Hospital in giving a voice to the voiceless.

For more information on The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment or how to support the Guilds, contact the Guild office at 559.353.7145 or

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