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Magnet Nursing

The first pediatric hospital west of the Rockies to achieve Magnet status, Children's remains one of only 5% of hospitals in the nation to have raised their nursing

services to this level. Given the Magnet Recognition Award for Excellence in Nursing Services from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)  in 2004, Children's is very proud to have reached this highest nursing benchmark in the nation. And we're here to stay - we were re-designated in 2008 after submitting a comprehensive renewal application (we have to be re-certified every four years). Surveyors from the ANCC spent several days with our nurses, care teams and executives, and we're excited to be recognized for our commitment to nursing excellence.

Nurses outside hospital
Benefits of Achieving the Magnet Benchmark

Many groups benefit from our high-quality nursing services. Patients and their families receive nursing care they can't get at any other children's hospital in Central or Northern California, including our large Bay Area peers. Our physicians benefit as well. They have a very collaborative and competent group of nurses helping them provide care. You won't find doctor-nurse conflict at Children's, just doctor-nurse teams. The benefit for referring physicians and payers is also obvious. Children are sent to the hospital for 24-hour monitored care, and a great deal of that monitored care is provided by nurses. Referring doctors know that Children's takes this role seriously, investing in the best nursing staff and systems possible. Combined with our Hospitalist service and the fact that attending physicians are always present, we have what could possibly be the most hands-on pediatric care team anywhere.


Surgery NurseWho else benefits? The nurses themselves, of course. We can't put it any simpler - our nurses love it here. The challenging, intellectual and professional environment at Children's drives our nurses to reach their career milestones. We provide continuing education programs and peer-to-peer training that lets every nurse go as far in their career as they can or want. While the rest of the country has struggled through a severe nursing shortage, reaching nurse vacancy rates averaging 8%, Children's Hospital Central California's vacancy rate at the end of 2007 was just 1.6%. Why? Because these nurses aren't going anywhere. This is their home.

There's one other reason we have such low vacancy rates - nurses want to come work here. If you are a nurse and want to join a team that achieves at such high levels, you may be just one click away from making your dream come true. Here's how you can join us...

Magnet Nursing and Leadership

Children's nurse leaders are a key reason we've been able to achieve Magnet status. We grow leaders here, and no one exemplifies that better than a young nurse who began her career as an RN in our oncology unit in 1983. I doubt that she could have predicted the way her career at Children's would unfold over the next 25 years, or that she would be the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer who would lead us to Magnet Nursing status. Beverly Hayden-Pugh is a fantastic example of a great career in nursing, and Children's is full of stories just like hers, with nurses achieving milestones at every level.

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The Forces of Magnetism in Action

As a Magnet facility, Children’s Hospital exemplifies the 14 Forces of Magnetism. These traits and characteristics express how we create a professional environment that supports excellence in nursing practice. Read about the Fourteen Forces and how we apply them...




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