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Meet our Professionals


Lora, RN
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, there is usually never a dull moment. Whether I’m dealing with staffing situations, troubleshooting problems or searching out answers, I’m constantly on the move. Plus I love working with children. On any given day, they are entertaining and can put a smile on your face. I enjoy the challenge of adapting my approach to care for different age groups. As a nurse, I am an advocate for the patient and many of our children need to be given a voice. I have the opportunity to be that voice for them.

When I joined the PICU nursing team at Children’s Hospital in June 2005, I worked the night shift. The educational opportunities and the teamwork on my unit made this a great place to work. I felt the charge nurses and educators genuinely cared about my development and growth as a nurse and they challenged me to succeed. In fact, I never saw myself as a leader and being a charge nurse was never a goal of mine. However when a charge nurse position became available, several of my peers, my charge nurse and my director approached me and encouraged me to apply. That was a huge compliment. Now I am the department supervisor. I have more administrative responsibilities but I'm still able to work side-by-side with the PICU nurses.

I grew up in the Midwest but now that I live in Central California, I’m close everything I want to do. A three to four hour drive to get away is nothing to my husband and me. We drive to the coast all the time and haven’t missed the Gilroy Garlic Festival since we moved here. I love to ski and the mountains are close by. And Las Vegas is only six hours away.